What it is:

  • ArkOS is a 32bit Operating System and Kernel useful for learning about kernel programming, OS development, and programming in general. It is free to use, hack, modify, and alter in anyway you want for whatever purpose you wish.
  • ArkOS is written for x86 processors, specifically i386. It will not work on ARM, MIPS, or any other processor architecture as these have not yet been implemented.

What it is not:

  • ArkOS is NOT a fully-functional operating system.
  • ArkOS is NOT Linux, it runs on a custom kernel known as the Ark Kernel, and while it shares many idiosyncracies with Linux and is inspired by Linux, it is not, in fact, a Linux based Operating System.


The image files should be able to run on any x86 computer or emulator. If you wish to make changes to the source code, you’ll need to follow the Developer Handbook